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fudderduds replied to your post: finally found the uncensored video of …

And you’re not sharing the link?

no one shared it with me.  just google hon! ;)

Anonymous asked
what vid?

Willam made a video teaching you how to tuck.  Naturally the video had to be censored for youtube, so he and the model uploaded an uncensored version on xtube.

finally found the uncensored video of willam tucking that guy’s dick.

it was worth it.



"Somewhere along the way, R&B got lost—gatekeepers have recycled sounds and not kept up, musicianship has declined,“ she says. ”I really did want to make one of the greatest R&B albums of this year, but I want to innovate as well."

Classic beauty!

Electric Lady right here people.


Anonymous asked
i accidentally got a bit of diluted sulfuric acid on my hand and it burned like a motherfucker

be careful!  But hey at least you were wearing closed toe shoes, right?