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Anonymous asked
What would you do if one of your very close girlfriends for a very long time, just broke up with her boyfriend. He is on grindr and we were talking. He's being all discreet. I,don't think he realizes it's me. I've always found him sexy.

see the friend in me says, wait for a while and let the dust settle from the break up.

But the slut in me says hop on that dick.

Don’t listen to the slut in me.


I love Mikey cause he’s gonna get me my Heracross Mega Stone code from GameStop tomorrow cause I’m out in BFE.

Greatest friend ever.


thank u to my friend zevri for opening my eyes to how well so many Ron Swanson lines go with Lin.

Also made me realize how much I want Lin and Mako to have a Ron and April thing going on.

Anonymous asked
You're so Raven.

Oh snap!

Anonymous asked
you're so cute if you weren't a cock ;)

Awwww how is it in your world wrongness anon? ;P

Anonymous asked
You're so fetch.

You know it! Let’s make fetch happen. ;)